Master the seductive art of erotic massage...

"Knead, Stroke & Tease Every Inch Of
Your Lover's Naked Body By First

Giving Her A Full-Body Erotic Massage...
Then Watch Her Open Up Sexually
& Plead You For Dirty Sex!"

Do You Find Sex Boring After A While? Is It Difficult To Help Your Lover Orgasm During Sex? Not Anymore! With These Erotic Massage Moves... Your Lover Will Be In Heat & Begging For More Before You Even Begin!

From the desk of Gabrielle Moore
#1 best-selling author of "The Female Orgasm Revealed"
(and way too many sex advice books to list here)

Dear Sweetheart,

Do you know that 80% of women routinely FAKE their orgasms in bed?

It's true. Not only are these women far from a climax, they do so just to...

Get Sex Over & Done With!

The next time you're in bed with your lover... try this little experiment for yourself. See if she stays quiet or starts making sexy noises when you go down on her.

If she is making all kinds of erotic noises, chances are... 

She's Just Pleasing You!

(no matter how sexy she sounds...)

Here's the truth: Scientific research shows that women are the quietest when they receive pleasure. When a woman is perched on the verge of an orgasm... she actually quivers in pleasure instead of scream at the top of her voice.

In fact, it's impossible for ladies to be so vocal about it because achieving an orgasm requires intense concentration on her part. (Just ask any woman who has achieved a real orgasm.)

But why should your lover lie to you instead of tell you the truth – that she's not enjoying herself at all?

When interviewed, the #1 reason women gave was that they wanted to... 

Boost Their Partner's Self-Esteem!

Women don't want their partners to feel bad or their relationships to suffer as a result. And it sure makes you feel good when your lover screams at the top of her voice for you, doesn't it?

Sadly, that's also the first sign she's NOT enjoying herself. Imagine what a huge ego bruise it would be if your partner told you outright that you're not a good lover...

I think you get the idea. Which is why MOST women prefer to keep it to themselves. Unfortunately...

Lying About The Problem 
Doesn't Make It Go Away!

It just makes it worse over time.

Imagine what happens if your lover has to fake it each time. Instead of looking forward to sex, it becomes a dreaded chore for her. She has to act as if she is enjoying herself... while doing something utterly uncomfortable or even painful!

Little wonder so many men get rejected when they ask for sex. Others complain that their lovers are passive & just "going through the motion". Or that she is unwilling to try anything new. The reason is simple: Most men force their lovers to go through sex she does not enjoy!

Here's the key – If you want truly satisfying, mind-blowing sex night-after-night... then BOTH parties must enjoy themselves wholeheartedly and derive great pleasure from each other. One-sided sex just doesn't cut it.

Unless you learn the right steps to pleasure your lover and steer her towards that blissful, orgasmic state each time...

She's Never Going To Truly 
Enjoy Having Sex With You!

Don't get me wrong here.

I'm not suggesting that sex is the only important part of a relationship. What I'm saying is that good sex is the gateway to a better relationship. When couples enjoy physical intimacy and the company of each other, they become more open in their communication. They trust each other more. Other aspects of their relationship improve as well.

On the other hand, if a lady constantly has to "fake it" during sex and does not bear to tell her lover... it wears her down mentally & physically. She may think something is wrong with her for not enjoying sex, feel guilty about deceiving you or even see you as the wrong choice for her.

In the long run, these problems surface as a disinterest in sex... or worse, she may end up looking for sexual gratification outside of your relationship... from another man who can satisfy her better!

It doesn't get any better for guys either.

When your lover just fakes it and plays along... sex becomes frustrating instead of fun. Can you imagine having boring sex for the rest of your life? It feels like humping a lifeless pillow that doesn't react to you instead of engaging in lustful, intimate play. You can't try out any of those kinky fantasies playing out in your mind either...

When men realize they cannot satisfy their lovers properly in bed, their self-esteem suffers. They begin to look for other partners to "prove their worth"... which can swiftly destroy a relationship.

Most men blame their lovers for these problems. "She just doesn't enjoy my company in bed..." or "My wife / girlfriend is not the adventurous sort..." when in fact...

The Problem Starts With Them!

You see, men are highly imaginative & visual creatures. They can get turned on in an instant once something visually arouses them. You probably know what I mean by this when seeing your lover undressed is enough to have you standing at attention.

Men take a much shorter time to climax – about 3 to 5 minutes on average compared to women, who can take more than 20 minutes of hard work to reach an orgasm.

This mismatch in timing creates HUGE problems for a couple...

While the guy simply wants to rush through intercourse as quickly as possible so he can get off... the lady is not even primed for action yet within that short time. In most cases...

She's Not Even In The Mood For Sex!

Which is why she has to "fake it" to show you she's enjoying herself when she's not. While her partner has already reached his climax... the lady is still trying hard to reach one... and often has to end without one.

Can you imagine how frustrating it would be... if every sex session ended WITHOUT an orgasm for you? Now imagine how your lover feels if this is what she goes through each time you have sex!

That's why the secret to great sex is when...

Both Parties Reach Climax
At The Same Time!

That's the blissful state of sexual union the Karma Sutra talks about... and it's only possible if you make your lover climax at around the same time as you.

How is this possible? Foreplay is one answer. Foreplay allows a man to delay his orgasm and gives the lady enough time to climax. But even with good foreplay skills, your lady may still find it difficult to have an orgasm.

Achieving that elusive orgasm for women is not just about physical stimulation. It's also about mental stimulation. Your lover must open herself up and trust you completely for an orgasm to occur! It's not just about touching her in the right places. Rather, she must be totally receptive and tuned in for an orgasm to occur. Only then can sex be fulfilling for her.

There's no better way to build your lover up to a massive orgasm than through...


Let me explain.

I'm Gabrielle Moore, a happily married woman and trusted sexual advisor to thousands of couples worldwide. Three hundred and fifty-thousand (that's 350,000) men have read and benefitted from my books, articles and regular sex advice.

As a lady... I know what it takes to make women feel good, such that they look forward to having hot sex with you instead of seeing it as a chore.

The #1 complaint from women is that men rush through sex and ignore their partners after they orgasm... leaving them deeply unfulfilled and frustrated each time.

Then again, I understand that it's not really your fault! It's just how men and women are wired differently. Fortunately... there is an easy and fun solution to this problem.

Erotic massage is one of the best ways to get round this sticky issue. Not only does your lover have time to warm herself up and remove her reservations about engaging in hot & wild sex, massage allows men to delay their orgasms while engaging in some lustful play.

Why does massage work so well on ladies?

Firstly, ladies love to be touched and pampered... which is why they frequently go for spa treatments and regular massages! Most ladies just cannot resist a good massage! When you pamper your lady with a massage, it turns on the romantic switches in her mind and puts her in the right mood for sex. You're showing your lover that you care enough about her to give her a massage... which is a HUGE turn on.

Next, our brains and bodies are hard-wired to respond to touch. When you give her that good, erotic massage all over her body... you not only relax her physically but also mentally. The massage makes her feel safe and calm in your hands... and gives her time to open up to you. These are all essential ingredients needed to achieve a female orgasm.

Finally, erotic massage is the ultimate form of naughty foreplay! You'll never get bored unlike during regular foreplay. Not only are there countless sensual strokes and kneads you can try on her body to have her purring and begging for firmer strokes... you get to intimately explore each part of her naked body. This builds up the much-needed sexual tension for intercourse later on.

In other words...

Massage Makes Her Horny!

Once your lover is sexually aroused, the floodgates are opened! Mastering the art of erotic massage opens up new doors for your relationship. By giving your lover a sexually stimulating massage... you're unleashing that wild and playful side she may have buried deep within... the side you have been trying so hard to get!

Couples who have a great sex life often engage in prolonged and creative foreplay. Erotic massage is the ultimate form of foreplay because it not only sets your lover ON FIRE... it fulfills all the criteria needed for that elusive female orgasm.

If you want to be a great lover... then you MUST master the art of erotic massage. I consider this subject so important for your bedroom love-making arsenal that I wrote a whole new course about it!

Erotic Massage For Better Sex: Sensual Massage
Techniques To Relax Her Mind, Body & Soul

You'll notice that unlike my previous courses that were in written form... this course comes with a detailed manual plus a downloadable DVD. That's right – It's my first course with a full-length video taking you through the techniques I teach in the manual.

Since men are visual creatures... I figured you'll LOVE this visual treat I prepared for you. Join our expert masseur as he works his way through the tantalizing kneads & strokes in this course... demonstrating my every move so you can follow along each step of the way.

Don't make the mistake of assuming that erotic massage is the same as a regular massage! While regular massage is simply for non-sexual relaxation... erotic massage has the added benefit of making your lover (highly) sexually aroused... and opens up her mind & body to passionate sex later on.

Starting with gently teasing massage moves and ending in firm, intense strokes... your lover will be well-oiled in more ways than one by the time you move on to actual intercourse... I promise. She'll be literally on fire and in heat!


The reason why massage (even professional ones) can be so sexually arousing for a woman – Imagine having your lover highly aroused after every erotic massage session, and then have her release her pent-up sexual tension onto you! I teach you how to do so...

How to carry out your erotic massage in the privacy of your own bedroom such that it strengthens your intimacy and increases trust between you and your lover

The 9 unexpected health benefits of a proper, well-executed massage (Trust me, the benefits extend far beyond just having great sex!)

How massage greatly increases your lover's ability to have an orgasm later on... even if she has never had one in her life! (My kneads & strokes can very well lead her to her first, rapturous orgasm! She will THANK YOU for this.)

Why erotic massage benefits both the giver & the receiver (If you thought massage is something boring or one-sided... this will have you think twice! Besides, you'll be raging hard by the end of the massage and she'll have to help you release all of it.)

The key to giving your lover a highly satisfying & stimulating massage session that makes her quiver with pleasure (It's not about doing each step right, but rather about understanding this principle. If you follow this rule... you'll become an EXPERT at using only your hands!)

One thing you MUST do when giving your lover each individual stroke, caress or tease with your hand (Otherwise, you'll just be mindlessly touching her without any stimulation!)

Why erotic massage is not about sex! (If you give an erotic massage thinking only about sex... you'll spoil it. Instead, this is what you should do that will pave the way for uninhibited sex later on.)

How to use sensual massage to let go of longstanding emotional conflict and build understanding or forgiveness (If there are longstanding emotional issues between you and your lover, these massage sessions can help you overcome them.)

How to dissolve years of misunderstanding and neglect with a good erotic massage session... all without using any words! (Knowing these steps can help you rebuild your relationship and love life starting tonight... even if it has been stagnant for years.)

10 things you need to do to create a soothing and romantic environment for erotic massage to take place (Be sure to follow all 10 of these steps... if you want to have a sexually stimulating time with your lover!)

The #1 thing you should eliminate before giving your lover an erotic massage (This is key to your lover's uninterrupted enjoyment of your private session. Most people never think of removing this distraction... until it starts spoiling their mood!)

How to schedule an uninterrupted naughty massage session even if you have children – I give you 2 clever ways to take care of the kids while spending quality, intimate time with your lover. 

The kind of music you should play in the background to greatly enhance your erotic massage experience (There is a particular kind of music which is HIGHLY effective for erotic massage and it's available at your local CD store. Don't worry, there's nothing "x-rated" about the music at all.)

How to use the power of music and rhythms to ramp up your love-making pleasure (Follow this tip and use music as a sexual cue for your lover... You'll love how wild she is when the music starts rocking!)

The best kind of lighting for a sensual massage session (Warning: You want the lighting to be just right. Anything too bright will make your partner feel exposed while lying in the buff. I show you just the right amount of lighting to create a romantic atmosphere.)

How to ensure that your partner remains comfortable throughout the entire massage session by setting the right room temperature – Use this technique to know what temperature the room should be at.

One sneaky technique to get your lover fully undressed on the massage table (If your lover is uncomfortable about exposing herself fully to you... this clever technique gets around that and she'll be willingly naked within a short time!)

Why the best place for an erotic massage is NOT your bed contrary to popular belief (Using a bed will only lead to an uncomfortable posture later on... which will decrease the quality of your massage!)

How to easily create a "makeshift" massage table for your lover using items lying around the house (This massage table creates the right environment for a sensual massage, and ensures that both parties will be comfortable during the session.)

Why massage oil should definitely be used during a session – This is ONE thing you cannot scrimp or save on! Besides, hot dripping massage oil takes the session to a whole new level. 

The right kind of massage oil to use on your lover's body (Don't worry... I show you one kind of easily available product you can pick up without any embarrassment that is BEST for performing a sensual and erotic massage.)

7 types of natural, non-toxic massage oils you can choose from (that are easily available from your local grocery store)

How to safely enhance the effect of your massage oil by adding in a few drops of this...

One type of oil you should NEVER use for massage (This can be detrimental to your partner's health so be sure never to use this... no matter how cheap it is. You don't want to hurt your partner during a massage.)

The right way to erotically apply massage oil onto your lover's body (Most men trying massage for the first time apply it the wrong way... which leads to messy and unromantic results!)

The places you should NOT apply massage oil on (You really don't want to kill the mood with this.)

How to lighten the mood during massage with food and drinks (I show you the 2 best kind of tidbits to have around during an erotic massage session that can give you an enhanced experience.)

One kind of beverage that ladies LOVE to have while they're enjoying their massage! 

One romantic object you can add to your bedroom that will turn on those romantic switches in your lover's mind – This is a great, extra touch to show that you care about her

How to test if you're using the right kind of massage oil for your lover

The 3 types of massage strokes you can give your lover (No matter how many massage moves there seem to be, it all boils down to these 3 basic strokes you have to master.) 

First, I teach you the 3 types of sensual massage strokes you can use on your lover!

How to tell if you're exerting too much pressure during massage... or if your partner feels uncomfortable (Your lover may not always tell you this... but I teach you one sure way of knowing if she is completely relaxed.)

Should you use long strokes or short strokes for more sexual pleasure? I show you the best combination of strokes that can set her on fire.

The 1st step in any erotic massage session: Always do these steps first to help her release any tension in her body... before moving on to the naughtier bits! 

The best way to release the pent-up tension in your lover's body by giving her a sexy, back rub (I show you how you should glide your hands down her back to put her into that relaxed and receptive state.)

Shoulders & neck – How to get rid of all the stress & tension in your lover's neck and shoulders (Women typically carry LOTS of stress in these body parts. Stress prevents your lover from enjoying sex fully so be sure to do this first.)

How to work your lover's neck muscles to release tightness and tension... not to mention release those feel-good endorphins all through her body!

How to massage your lover's arms and hands... plus this added technique you can use to show her that you care (This extremely romantic gesture will really warm her up and make her trust you innately!)

The right way to caress your lover's breasts (Massaging her breasts the wrong way results in pain... so be sure to use your fingers to tease her breasts and get them perky in this manner.)

The "wedge technique" that creates an extremely deep & pleasurable massage sensation using your lover's body weight – This works wonders in soothing her tired muscles... and don't be surprised if she lets out a pleasurable moan or two here!

Ahh... This feels so good!

The blissful face-down belly wave massage technique that creates a gentle rocking motion and relaxes your lover's belly and stomach muscles (This is also an incredibly sexy massage move with your hands positioned like this... which will leave her guessing at what comes next!)

How to massage your lover's legs, buttocks and inner thighs – You want to set her imagination wild by having your thumb near her private parts... but no... you're NOT going to let her have it just yet!

How to create sexual anticipation by massaging your lover's upper legs and getting your hands VERY close to her vagina... teasing her and making her want YOU so badly! (But we're just getting started!)

The alluring calf-massage routine you can try on your lover that will soothe and set her heart racing at the same time

Why you should ALWAYS cover your lover's buttocks when you massage her legs – This will make her want to expose her private parts to you so badly like a naughty girl... and have you work them intimately! (Be sure to try this "denial" technique... you'll thank me for it!)

The erogenous and most sensitive zones of your lover's legs and how you should work them for maximum pleasure using my "double stroke" technique (No, the most sensitive part of your lover's legs are not her soles!)

The spicy "thigh cradle" technique that gets you curiously close to her vagina and sets her libido sirens wailing (But follow my instructions and don't do anything about it... yet!)

One part of her body that is full of sensitive nerve endings... and how you can milk this part to convey your intimate love messages (I dare you to go ALL OUT in teasing her using this innocent body part!)

The in-and-out, sliding massage move you can use on your lovely to subtlety convey your desire for hot, naughty sex later on... without using any words! (She'll LOVE how kinky you get the message across to her!)

Once you have helped your lover relax... it's time to explore her wild and sensuous side!
Don't worry, I'll guide you each step along the way...

Why the front side of your partner is the ultimate playground of pleasure – I teach you the most titillating moves you can make to fully explore and arouse every single part of her body! 

How to have your partner turn and lie on her back... such that her entirely front side is completely vulnerable and exposed to you like the Gardens of Babylon... waiting for your sexual exploration! (Plus, I teach a technique you can use if your lover feels shy about it initially.)

How to play hide-and-seek with the front of your lover's body which will have her begging to be naked & exposed --- for YOUR pleasure!

One naughty massage move that gets you close to her ears and face... and how you can whisper something sexy right into her ears at the right moment (I even teach you how to end with a few tender, loving kisses to her face while making everything seem natural!)

The steps to giving her a seductive scalp massage – Few women can endure these kneads without letting off a few pleasurable moans (When they do it during massage... they're definitely NOT faking it!)

The optimal amount of time you should massage your lover's scalp and face to give her maximum attention – Women LOVE attention around this area... so be sure to massage this part long enough.

The sexually gratifying "belly rub" that automatically evokes sweet & loving (not to mention kinky) feelings! (I teach you how to do this right so as not to tickle her... which will spoil the mood. Instead, you want to tantalize her.)

The 2nd, highly erogenous zone in her upper body (no, not her breasts) where you can sensually play with using your fingertips... signifying your wild desire for hot sex later on! (Women get immensely turned on when you play with this innocent area!)

How to stimulate large areas of nerve receptors on your partner's body and press all her "sex buttons" at once through this full body long stroke technique – This is almost like a non-verbal request for sex she'll agree to every single time!

How you can throw in some manly, masculine moves during your massage to show your lover who's in control – and make her want to be dominated by you later in bed! (I show you one perfect "manly" move you can do that is highly erotic... and yet comfortable for her.)

The hug maneuver you can use to show her who's in control during massage... that allows you to plant a few playful kisses right in between her twin peaks! (If you do this right, her body will literally beg for more by now.)

The art of performing sensual long massage stretches... that shows your lady you're in total control of her entire body and the ONLY one who can satisfy her deepest sexual desires 

How to crank up the heat and push her closer to the edge by massaging her sensitive inner thighs... by using your finger tips to lightly graze her most intimate private parts

Getting ready for this forbidden "inner thigh" massage move that will
drive her crazy with sexual desire... Be sure to do this one right!

How to tease your partner's private parts using a series of circular strokes that get closer & closer to her forbidden erogenous zones

One question you should NEVER ask while performing your massage... no matter how HARD or tempting it is for you! Instead, you should follow my instructions and do this...

7 tips to move from erotic massage to full-blown sex

The golden rule of foreplay and erotic massage – The right order which you should massage & play with your lover's body to have her fully aroused by the time you're done (Most men do this in reverse!)

The 3 rules you want to follow when performing an erotic massage (It does not matter what strokes you are using or which part of her body you're working on. As long as you stick to these 3 ground rules... you're on track to making her come!)

What you should do with both your hands during erotic massage... Don't make the boring mistake of having both hands at the same place! Instead, put one hand here and the other there...

The 2 common mistakes made by men when performing an erotic massage (You really don't want to rub your lover the wrong way!)

4 steps to take your lover from sexual arousal to complete sexual desire – Do this at the VERY END of your massage to make your lover want it so bad. (I teach you the 4 exact steps that will have her spellbound and quivering in anticipation.)

The seductive and incredibly sexy "oil play" technique where you have warm massage oil dripping all over your lover's exposed breasts and nipples... a sneak preview of the explosive orgasm that is to come next!

How to lather her entire body in sensual massage oil – By the time you're done with this maneuver, it's not only her body that will be throbbing and well-oiled! 

The best way to suck, lick, stroke, nibble and squeeze your lover's breast as part of your massage routine (But wait --- Only do so at THIS part of the massage... and not any sooner!)

The delicate art of breast massage that will milk and have her in a heightened state of maximum sexual arousal... perfect for intercourse later on!

The kinky way to massage your lover's breasts... milking them and releasing any tension within (She'll be so sex-charged with pleasure!)

One devious method to stimulate those highly excitable, perky nipples (WARNING – Use this technique carefully. Some women have been known to orgasm from this exquisite nipple-play!)

The thumb and index finger method of stimulating her nipples and have her whimper... or beg in ecstasy!

The final countdown massage strokes you should perform to reach her vaginal areas without any resistance on her part (In fact, if you do this right... she'll be guiding you on by this moment!)

How to have your lover writhing with lustful desire FOR YOU by directly stimulating her most intimate, private parts --- Yes, I teach you how to make her feel good in between her legs!

The two-finger stroke method to slowly but mercilessly give your woman throbbing, sexual pleasure! (Using only your thumb and index finger, I show you HOW you should stimulate the most sexually sensitive parts of your woman and have her at your beck and call!)

How to find and stimulate your lover's elusive G-spot – Finding and working her G-spot does NOT have to be a hit-or-miss... you can get it down pat and have her cum every single time!)

The zigzag technique for stimulating and teasing her G-spot at the final stages of your massage...

And more!

Giving your lover that tender erotic massage is the perfect way to break down and completely melt her sexual barriers. In fact, if you follow my steps right... SHE will be the one begging for sex before your massage is even over. She has to... because each stroke is specially designed to... 

Stir Her Deepest Desires For Sex!

Since every lady loves to be touched and pampered, erotic massage is the PERFECT form of kinky foreplay for a couple. It does not matter how old or young both of you are, how long you have been together... or whether you are in good shape.

In fact, massage works BEST on a lover who is shy or conscious about her own body... because it gives her ample time to open up to you and takes the pressure away from her. If both of you have not had sex for some time because she always felt conscious about herself... try erotic massage as an appetizer!

Not only will she love the relaxing chops and kneads on her tired body... she'll feel so relaxed and sexually aroused by the time you finish that all inhibitions will be thrown out of the window.

Sex Just "Comes" As A Natural Sequel!

Don't take my word for it. I have successfully taught thousands of couples around the world how to have better sex. This is a small sample of over 4,000+ happy letters from readers all over the world... proof that my techniques work regardless of age, background or experience.

When I teach you something, you can rest assured that it has been battle (or bed) tested hundreds of times. No more fumbling around or trial & error to see which techniques turn her on in bed... With my methods, you can light a bonfire within her every single time!

"Physical Limitations & Age
Are Non-Issues!"

"I am a middle-aged man, with amputated left leg and diabetes—married to a young, beautiful, sexually active woman 15-years younger. Gabrielle Moore's sexual tips help me a lot to gain confidence not only physically, but also psychologically in my sexual relations with my wife. Thanks and soar higher!"

- Ernesto
Tarlac City, Philippines

"I SHOULD NOT EVEN be getting your mail!"

"I am 77 years old with Parkinson's Disease. My wife is 73 years old with Alzheimer's Disease yet we still have sex every day thanks to you, sometimes 2 times a day. Life is still lots of fun."

--- Tom

"Now we have sex at least 6 times a week!"

"Gabrielle has brought our sex life back to life! She's gentle yet, extremely enthusiastic when she talks about her own sex life along with ours. She gives great advice, without her, me and my wife wouldn't have much of a sex life again. I got to admit, we were in a "slump" until we started reading her emails everyday. Now we have sex at least 6 times a week! Keep up the wonderful work Gabrielle!"

--- Chris, Indianapolis, IN

"All I can say is by the time dinner is over,
she's practically begging me for sex!"

"Gabrielle, my sex life has been phenomenal thanks to your advice. My girlfriend can't wait to see what "new" technique or idea I have planned for her. You're my "secret weapon" that keeps getting me laid every night!

It's turned into an aphrodisiac for her as I flirt a lot with her about it, telling her to "wait till after dinner."

All I can say is by the time dinner is over, she's practically begging me for sex! Thanks Gabrielle!"

Ben (and my girlfriend Leah!), Honolulu

"Last night I gave my girl friend her first orgasm..."

"Last night I gave my girl friend her first orgasm... I've never felt so good about myself... all this reading and studying paid off!
I always thought her getting me off was the best feeling I could have, but me getting her off was the biggest turn on and most rewarding thing I have ever done... thanks Gabrielle!"

--- Luke Hutchinson, Sydney, Australia

"She begs me to have sex!"

"My partner was already satisfied with our sex life and so was I. But I am one of these people that are always trying to improve anything that I do. I was just surfing the web when I found your advice. I was skeptical at first, but finally decided to try it. Now when my partner and I get together, she begs me to have sex and we are now even more happier than we already were."

--- Jonathan, Prattville, AL

"Thanks to Gabrielle's advices
my woman is crying for sex from me!"

"Thanks to Gabrielle's advices my woman is crying for sex from me every day and we now do it as much as I can a day. Before she would always refuse me because I didn't know how to make her feel good. Thank you so much for all the tips!"

--- Kris, Edinburgh, UK

"I have her orgasm and sometimes
squirting a few times an hour!"

"Before learning your secrets, me and my girlfriend got along okay, sex was pretty good. When we had sex, I could usually get her to orgasm once or twice, but I wasn't satisfied with that. I figured that for a night of love making, she should be climaxing more than twice. I stumbled across Gabrielle's site, and after a few months... I have her orgasm and sometimes squirting a few times an hour to the point where when we are done, we can barely move! Thanks Gabrielle and keep up the good work."

--- Tony, Daytona Beach, FL

"Helped us try alternatives!"

"My wife takes numbing medications that can be a hindrance to her pleasure. Your advice has helped us try alternatives that have been fun and successful. Thanks!"

--- Toni, Soddy Daisy, TN

"Healing for withering relationships!"

"Gabrielle's advice is healing for withering relationships.

--- Howard, Nairobi, Kenya

"She loves every second of our sex life now!"

"Your advice has helped me so much. I have tried most of your tips with my partner and she loves every second of our sex life now. Thank you so much!"

--- Steve, UK

"If you listen to her, I guarantee
your sex life will improve!"

"Gabrielle is interesting, tasteful, intimate, sexy and no-holds-barred but gracious when it comes to the truth about sex. She has something to offer both men and women, and if you listen to her I guarantee your sex life will improve!

--- D.J., Chicago, IL 

"We love to read together and try!"

"Gabrielle's advice has helped my relationship with my wife tremendously. She covers so many great topics that we love to read together and then try. She is awesome!"

--- Jeremy, Marietta, GA

"So good... My girlfriend thinks I'm having an affair!"

"Gabrielle's tips are so good, my girlfriend thinks I am having an affair when I try new things. This really heats things up in the bedroom. Thanks Gabrielle!" 

--- Cris, Cape Town South Africa

"I had one of the best sexual experiences ever!"

"Only one day after reading your book I had one of the best sexual experiences that I've ever had with my wife. She had multiple orgasms and orgasms were never easy for her. I think it changed the way she thinks of me, for the better of course. Knowing that I can please her every time she wants it is a great feeling. Thanks Gabrielle!"

--- Greg, Simi Valley, CA

 Try These Erotic Massage Moves On
Your Lover Tonight And See Her Open Up To You
Sexually... Within Minutes!

Even if you have never given a massage before in your life, Erotic Massage For Better Sex will transform you into a masterful lover who keeps your partner right at her edge... using only your hands & fingers!

Here's what you get with this course:

1 full-length, 60-page erotic massage manual complete with photographs teaching you pleasure-giving massage techniques – From which body part to focus on to how much pressure to use, my stroke-by-stroke manual will have you pleasuring her body like a pro!

A studio quality 30-minute video with narration that takes you through each step in the manual. Since sensual massage is such a physical topic, it can be difficult to learn just by reading. With this video, nothing is left to the imagination. You can see every single caress, knead and stroke done on a real person.

Let Me Give You A Few More Sneak Peeks
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Let Me Give You A Few More Sneak Peeks
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Gabrielle Moore